My First Nobu Experience – Melbourne


Just like the Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong and Darling Harbour in Sydney, the Yarra defines and speaks a lot for Melbourne. The view from the bridges are stunning (especially by night with all the lights) although the muddy water is something you would not want to fall into. If you are tired from strolling along the river, there are multiple cafes and restaurants on each side for you to enjoy the view with food and wine.


Crown Casino is situated on the southern bank of the Yarra and dominates the Riverfront. Here I had my first experience at one of the world’s most recognised Japanese restaurant, Nobu Melbourne. The Nobu brand by Nobuyuki Matsuhisa has expanded its empire across the globe and offers multiple signature dishes. So I’ve come to see what the hype was all about.



It was not the most pleasant start as we were left unattended at the bar while we waited for a table which we have reserved for earlier. By the time we got to our table, we were starving.


The sashimi tacos with yellowtail, salmon, lobster and snow crab were fantastic though hard to split and share. Each taco was a crunchy rice cracker filled a different filling and topped with finely chopped red onion. The dish was also served with a tomato salsa which added an interesting chilli and sour flavour into the little artworks.


The tempura had a lightly coated batter and was not too oily.


The most widely known dish, Black Cod with Miso, was awesome! The cod was apparently marinated in a miso based paste for a couple of days and then roasted fast and at a high temperature. It had a extremely soft flake texture and definitely lived up to its reputation.



Finally being wagyu and gyoza lovers, we had to try the Wagyu Gyoza with Goma Ponzu. The gyozas were not out of the world but were delicately made and tasted beautiful especially with the black sesame seed soy sauce on the side.

Overall I enjoyed the meal – The food was great although ambiance was not completely to my liking. I had the right expectation about the prices, but would have expected something more from a fine dining experience like this one.

Address. Riverside at Crown Melbourne Australia, 8 Whiteman Street, Southbank.


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  1. CatherineTs says:

    love this – just wrote about trying Nobu for the first time in Moscow! obviously had the black cod as well 🙂

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